E-BOOK: Studies in Syncopation

Studies in Syncopation by Stockton Helbin
Catalog Number: MTM-51-15090
Difficulty: Beginner to Advanced
Instrument: Drums

Studies In Syncopation by Stockton Helbing provides musicians with a comprehensive collection of syncopated rhythmic etudes in various meters and rhythmic combinations. A powerful tool for either group study or individual study, the book includes:

– 82 rhythmic etudes ranging from meters of 4|4, 3|4, 5|4, 7|4, 6|8, 12|8, 5|8, 7|8, and mixed meters that are divided into etudes featuring either quarter note or eighth notes syncopated rhythms or quarter note, eighth note, and sixteenth notes syncopated rhythms.

– Detailed information on how musicians of any instrument may use the etudes to grow their rhythmic precision and control.

– Detailed methods that percussionists and drum set players may adapt the etudes for various styles including Jazz, Rock, R&B, and Latin.

– Methods that composers and arrangers can use to help brainstorm new rhythm approaches in their writing.



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