E-BOOK: The Art of Spontaneous Improvisation

Catalog Number: MTM-65-15077
Difficulty: All levels
Instrument: All

The Art of Spontaneous Improvisation gives the Jazz student a practical process for building fundamental Jazz Improvisation techniques while developing a voice on their instrument. It breaks down the learning process into specific categories that are easy for any student to follow including over 140 musical examples.

How do we go about becoming spontaneous improvisers? How do we achieve this while adhering to the traditions of jazz music? How do we take jazz language and not purely imitate, but develop and make it a point of inspiration? How do we create technique that helps our creation of ideas, not just our ability to play patterns in all 12 keys? These are questions students have to deal with as they develop their improvisational skills.

Chapters in this E-book:
1. Intro
2. Technique
3. Basic Jazz Theory
4. Chord to Chord Improvisation – Chord Tone Etudes
5. Chord to Chord Improvisation – Language
6. Putting It All Together Using Chord to Chord Improvisation Over “Just Friends”7. Mode to Mode Improvisation – Modal Etudes
8. Listening: Recommended CD’s
9. Outro



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