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Catalog Number: MTM-65-14016
Ensemble Type: Hendectet, Jazz Ensemble
Difficulty: Hard
Description: "Blue" is an 11 piece Chamber Jazz Piece. It deals with unique doubles in the sax section. The Trombone solo is more modal while the Piano solo is over the changes, which are a little challenging. It deals with elements of unison playing, dense voicings, and counter lines. There’s also a rubato solo piano section in the middle of the chart. A beautiful chart if you are trying to introduce different size ensembles to your students.
Featured: Piano, Trombone
Top Note Trumpet: Concert Bb above the staff.
Top Note Trombone: Concert Ab above the staff.
Mutes: No
Doubles: Soprano/Alto Clarinet (can play on alto sax), Tenor/Clarinet, Tenor/Bass Clarinet ( an play on tenor if no bass clarinet), Bari Sax/Flute.

Soprano/Alto Clarinet ( can play on alto sax ), Tenor/Clarinet, Tenor/Bass Clarinet ( can play on tenor if no bass clarinet ), Bari Sax/Flute, 2 Flugel/Trumpet, 2 Trombones, Piano, Acoustic Bass, Drums.

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