Charts for: Percussion Ensemble

Unwilling or Unable

Catalog Number: MTM-12-16086
Ensemble Type: Percussion Ensemble
Difficulty: Hard
Description: An ensemble written for 10 percussion performers documenting a musical escape from the oppression of a narcissist. Structured in three movements and several sub-sections, "Unwilling or Unable" features driving complex rhythms and harmonies, beautiful flowing passages, and an uplifting tonal finale. Utilizing a large variety of percussion instruments, the composition inundates the listener with a wash of textures and timbres. "Unwilling or Unable" will prove to be an exciting moment in any ensemble concert.
Top Note Trumpet: N/A
Top Note Trombone: N/A
Mutes: N/A

Chimes, orchestra bells, large and small triangles, single row and double row wind chimes, xylophone, vibraphones (2), marimbas 4.3 (2), medium china cym, large china cym, dark large sus cym, medium sus cym, sizzle cym, finger cymbals, bright hand crash cyms, dark hand crash cyms, piccolo snare drum, pitched brake drums (3), long bamboo rain stick, concert bass drum, large gong, pitched concert toms (4), temple blocks, mounted tambourine w/ head, outdoor patio chimes, military drum, timpani (5)



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