Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will I receive the chart once I’ve completed payment?

A. Once you complete payment through Paypal, you will be returned to our site where you will be able to download your files.  Please be sure to download your files immediately.

Q. How many times can I download my PDF file(s)?

A. Your PDF file may be downloaded only once, so be sure to save it somewhere safe!

Q. How many times can I print my PDF file(s)?

A. There is no limit to how many times you can print your chart PDF files.

Q. Can I share the charts I have purchased?

A. When you purchase one of our charts, it is licensed solely to you. The terms of our license agreement, which you must agree to in order to complete your purchase, state that charts may not be shared. Please support our writers by encouraging others to purchase their own copy of a chart.

Q. Where can I find a copy of the license agreement?

A. You can find a copy of our license agreement on each individual chart page as well as at the bottom of your Shopping Cart (if there are items in your cart).  You can also view it here.

Q. I am a writer/composer. How can I sell my charts on Maxwell Tree Music?

A. If you are a writer/composer interested in placing your charts with Maxwell Tree Music, please use the contact form here.